Enchanting Baby



  • Contemporary


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She'd do anything to protect this baby
When TV personality Ashleigh Logan became pregnant by artificial insemination of her deceased husband's sperm, she ignited a media frenzy and attracted a stalker. So she's sequestered herself in the mountains of New Mexico, under the watchful eyes of the midwives of The Birth Place. Here she can be safe until the baby arrives.

And so will he
Greg Glazier doesn't have an easy time tracking down Ashleigh. And when he finally finds her, he can't tell her his news -- not until she's further along in her pregnancy. Because what he's got to say might come as a bit of a shock -- he's the real father of her baby.

Meet the women and men of THE BIRTH PLACE -- the employees and their patients. Giving birth is natural -- it's life after birth that's hard.
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