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When it comes to love for aspiring lingerie designer Adriana Travers, only bad boys need apply. That's why her careful, conservative financial advisor Eric just doesn't fit the bill. He's a whiz at getting her facts and figures together, but that's where she draws the line. While Eric is more than welcome to handle her financial affairs, as good as he may look-unless she's miscalculated-he won't be hanling any of her affairs of the heart... Eric Henson has less interest in Adriana than she has in him. After working his way up in the world, he's only looking to marry a woman who can take him higher, like his fiance. But his thinking begins to change when Adriana offers to help him celebrate his birthday. During their night out, Adriana sees a naughty side of him that makes her heart race, and he uncovers a sexy side of her that he'd really like to know better. Once he gives in, her love will take him higher than he ever thought he'd soar.