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    June 1976
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    November 2006
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  • Book jacket/back: In this beloved novel of immigrant life in Brooklyn, David Fuchs speaks to us in a distinctive, affecting voice. He evokes the special, marvelous qualities of the Jewish-American experience by creating characters and conflicts whose...

  • These three novels of the 1930s constitute an American classic. In their own way, they do for the Jewish immigrants of Brooklyn what Studs Lonigan did for the Irish of Chicago. So it is no surprise that, upon their first publication, Lonigan's creato...

  • "

    In the spring of 1937, Brooklyn''s Daniel Fuchs, twenty-seven years old and already the author of three remarkable novels (now collected as The Brooklyn Novels), came to Hollywood to bang out a treatment of one of his short stories. His thirteen-...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Daniel Fuchs has published 4 books.

Daniel Fuchs does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Golden West, was published in November 2006.

The first book by Daniel Fuchs, Williamsburg Trilogy, was published in June 1976.

No. Daniel Fuchs does not write books in series.