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Blood Ties by Dan Parkinson
Someone wants to rid the world of FDR and Stalin. Top TEC agent Jack Logan must find the culprit--and discover why he himself has been erased from history. . . .

In A.D. 2008, time travel is still the world's most closely guarded secret, and for the Time Enforcement Commission cops who protect it, there is sometimes a terrible price to pay. Jack Logan pays it when he comes back from a mission and finds no one recognizes him. He has lost his past, his present, and maybe even his future.

But that's only one of the ominous mysteries plaguing the agency. For not only are criminal time jumpers seeking to neutralize Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, there's a lost chest of gold from the American Revolution, a beautiful TEC agent trapped in another time, and a madman with his own twisted ideas of what should have happened in the twentieth century. When all these events fatefully collide on a single day in 1930s Manhattan, Logan is the only one who can solve the puzzle linking the temporal anomalies to his own more personal dilemma . . .
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