The Kid Who Became President



  • Contemporary


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Meet Judson Moon --
President of the United States of America

On January 20, 2001, Judson Moon, age thirteen, was sworn in as President of the United States. The following are excerpts from his Inaugural Address.

My fellow Americans,
When I was running for President, I said you should vote for me because I didn't know anything about politics... or how to raise taxes . . . or how to ruin the economy. I didn't know how to get us into a war. I said you should vote for me because I didn't know anything.

Well, that was two months ago, and I'm very proud to say that. . I still don't know anything.

Let's face it: I'm a kid. I'm going to need a lot of help. . . . Here's the deal I offer America: I'll help all of you if you all help me. . . .

The twentieth century is over; the twenty-first has begun. We've got a lot of work to do. So, America, ARE YOU READY TO RUMMMMMBLE???
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