The Silencer Vol. 2: Hell-iday Road



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Honor Guest used to be Leviathan's deadliest assassin, known as the Silencer, until she retired to raise a family and lead a normal life. But when her old boss Talia al Ghul showed up to pull her back in and threaten the life she built, Honor had to kill the woman she used to think of as family.

But al Ghuls aren't known for staying dead, and now Honor must go to the Lazarus Pit Leviathan will be using to bring Talia back to life, so she can destroy her once and for all. The only way she'll be able to get close enough, though, is to travel not as Silencer but as Honor Guest, suburban mom, using a family vacation as a cover story.

Worst of all, Talia's absence led to a full-blown Leviathan civil war, and as the underbosses each jockey for power, Honor is caught in the middle! Will the Guests' fun family vacation become their final destination? Or will Silencer free herself from Leviathan once and for all?

Plus, flash back to one of Silencer's first missions for Talia...going toe-to-toe with Batman in Gotham City!

From writer Dan Abnett (Titans, Aquaman) and artists including Patch Zircher (Trinity) and Viktor Bogdanovic (The Terrifics). Collects The Silencer #7-12 and The Silencer Annual #1.
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