Teepee for Two


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Cold Feet Meets Carry on Camping in this camptastic debut novel, perfect for anyone who ever had to put up their tent in a gale…
This is Part Three is a series of four e-serial stories
Is friendship meant to last forever? Charlotte Mayfield hopes so. Especially as she’s throwing some luxury glamping into the mix.
After fifteen years of trying to be the perfect wife, maybe Charlotte’s best friends from uni – Freya, Emily and Izzy – can still glimpse the woman she’d once set out to be.
Freya is up for it. Could a powwow with her yesteryear besties helps her knock some sense into her useless husband?
Emily’s hiding her own crisis from her parents, colleagues and now, her mates. Can a weekend under canvas get her to open up?
Izzy’s back from a decade abroad with an unexpected addition, her nine-year-old daughter Flora. She’s also keeping another big secret, one that’s brought her home for good. 
Will a year of yurts mend two decades of hurts – or are some things, like shower blocks, burnt sausages and no wi-fi, best left in the past…
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