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    13 Books
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    August 1975
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    August 1991
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  • From the ghettos of New York to the glittering hills of San Francisco, this is the tempestuous novel of a family you'll never forget. DAVID--who destroyed his past to live a life of power and glory. KATIE--who lived with her past, whose memorie...

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    Set against the enchanting backdrop of San Francisco... The storybook romance of two obsessive people trapped in a fairytale of their own making... Catherine Antoinette Frances Posata Rossi - fabulously beautiful, enormously rich, totally south...

  • The blazing saga of Europe caught between two world wars...and a family redeemed from pride and sin by their passionate humanity. Rubin--who defied his upper-class English rank to love a woman his family called whore. Magda--lifted from the nightwo...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    Proud, passionate, yearning for life, they came from the Lower East Side to the glittering heights of San Francisco. A family in search of the American dream. Jacob--whose newfound wealth couldn't bring him peace. Sara--who sacrificed her daughter ...

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    She toasted life and drank to love until the wine turned bitter, and she had to begin once again... From the Kansas heartland to Manhattan's gilded towers, here is the triumphant saga of a woman torn between new love, old attachments and a family in...

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    Chavala Landau - a girl who survived abrupt tragedy to become prematurely the matriarch of her family, triumphing over all the heartbreak that turn-of-the-century Russia could perpetrate, making her way to Palestine with a pioneering people, then on ...

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  • Romantic fiction: They had parted years before in despair and anger, lovers sacrificed to a star-crossed destiny. Now she was back in his life--threatening his marriage, his family, his heritage. Sweeping from lavish San Francisco mansions to the d...

  • A TIME TO LOVE... They had been newlyweds once, fabulously happy, but that was before the war -- before Ann's startling career success and Phillip's long, slow courtship of failure. Yet even without fireworks, somehow their marriage survived. ...

  • Lily is the ultimate poor little rich girl, abandoned by her parents and sent to the best Swiss boarding school money could buy. Her parents have a society wedding in mind for her but then Lily meets Harry Kohle, an ambitious young writer.


  • Kathy Ross married for better or for worse--a choice that would lead her heart down unexpected roads beyond her hidden dreams and secret temptations... Her husband Phil was heir to New York's greatest fur empire. But all the money and success he sha...

  • An unplanned pregnancy forces Betsy Bernstein, a young Jewish woman, into a hasty marriage with wealthy gentile Paul Forrest, and when World War II calls Paul to Europe, Betsy must care for her baby in a world of prejudice...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cynthia Freeman has published 13 books.

Cynthia Freeman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, To Everything a Season, was published in August 1991.

The first book by Cynthia Freeman, A World Full of Strangers, was published in August 1975.

No. Cynthia Freeman does not write books in series.