The Dance Dilemma



  • Contemporary


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The junior homecoming dance is right around the corner. And there you are―without a date. Your best friend invites you to join the decorating committee; she swears the quiet guy in your English class is going to be there. Another friend is eager to hit the mall in search of the perfect dress. If the football players just happen to be hanging out in the food court, all the better! To decorate, or not to decorate? Vintage dress? Or just-arrived-in-stores chic? And at every page turn, there is the question of your date. Will you land the guy you want? Or will you go to the dance alone, if you go at all?
If you've ever wondered "What if…" when it comes to boys and dating, DATE HIM OR DUMP HIM is a fun, interactive series that lets you navigate the ups and downs of the dating scene. Maybe you'll get the guy, maybe you won't―or maybe you'll decide you don't want him after all. And remember: with more than twenty possible endings, if he's not the boy of your dreams, you can always go back and choose another one!
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