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Facing her three-hundred-and-thirty-third year, vampire Samantha Thomas is definitely a nightwalker in need of a vacation, though she'd never admit it. Thank goodness she has a best friend to step in when it's needed.

She never expects to wake up on a cruise ship, accompanied by panty-drenching werewolf Perry Andrews, whose real plan is to see if the tight quarters will help him get closer in a more physical--and permanent--sense to the woman he knows is his mate. Maybe he'll even tell her what she is to him, when she's ready to hear it. Until then, her rules, her way.

Their not-supposed-to-be-long-term tryst carries along in a most pleasurable fashion, until it becomes clear there is someone out to harm the Midnight Pearl's nightwalker guests and that Sam is right in the crosshairs of his UV flashlight. Now Perry has to save the girl before he can get her, and that's a tall task when their enemy seems to be able to hide in plain sight!
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