Fangs for the Memories

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Fangs For the Memories By Cricket Starr
A Hollywood After Dark book

Former movie star now turned vampire Cleopatra Lutz is bored with delivery boy dinners, but Michael Brown is far more excitement than she's bargained for. The utterly delicious man wants to be her nightwalker companion—her regular blood source as well as her lover—but she's wary of letting any man get too close to her.

Michael has had a crush on Cleo for years, but when she takes sexual advantage of him, eats then runs, he decides not to let her get away with it. It doesn't help that she's left the mark of her fangs in a very sensitive location and he needs proper ones to designate him as her companion.

He is willing to do anything, even kidnap her and hold her prisoner in an abandoned movie studio, to work things out with her. Michael offers Cleo a life with others of her kind plus a return to her career as a movie star, but ultimately it is his love and trust that will win her mark.
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