Echo in the Hall



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Second in the Divine Interventions series

Being a statue for centuries on end is pretty boring. Fortunately, the Greek nymph Echo can sometimes turn her spirit solid enough to slip out of her statue and watch other people making love. Seeing Nick and Violet together turns her on so much that when Alex the museum guard offers her the real thing, she jumps at the chance.

How was Echo to know that having sex with a human would turn her into a real woman? Now the goddess Aphrodite has given her two months to earn Alex's love, or it's back to the spirit world for her--possibly without even a statue to live in! Alex was burned by a former girlfriend and he's sworn off even using the word 'love'. He gives Echo a new name, Chloe, and lets her into her home but won't let her into his heart.

Chloe has her work cut out for her but fortunately, she has her sister nymph Nemesis--who these days is porn movie star Nina--to help her out. Nina would do anything to help Chloe, and that includes pulling in her ex-lover, Pan, who has his own agenda for the one nymph he never had in his bed.

Just another one of Aphrodite's divine interventions, with gods, goddesses, nymphs and humans all trying to make sense out of this crazy little thing called love.
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