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    6 Books
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    January 1992
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    April 2010
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  • Connie May Fowler grew up in Florida and now lives with her husband in St. Augustine. She received an M.A. in English from the University of Kansas. In addition to Sugar Cage, Connie May Fowler is the author of Before Women Had Wings and Remembering ...

  • "HEARTBREAKING...COMPELLING...The story carries you like a slow, implacable current."
    --San Francisco Chronicle
    Forty-something Sadie Hunter is a loner. But more than that, she is afraid of not being alone. Ever since her mother and Native Amer...

  • In 1965 Bird, christened Avocet, aged six, is living with her family in a Florida citrus grove. Daddy and Mama, who run a general store, fight frequently and drink too much; Bird and her older sister Phoebe are beaten equally frequently. Daddy is eve...

  • Emotionally neglected by her mother, abandoned by her father, Mattie O’Rourke spent her childhood starved for the one thing she thought she’d never find: love. When her mother dies and, at twenty-two, she finds herself completely without ties of ...

  • The bestselling author of Before Women Had Wings spins a wild new tale about the ties that bind a group of friends together after the loss of its quirkiest member, Murmur Lee. When Murmur Lee Harp drowns in the Iris Haven river, her friends are grief...

  • In this remarkably original and empowering novel, New York Times bestselling writer Connie May Fowler chronicles one fateful day in the life of a woman and the extraordinary changes it brings about ... Set amidst the lush pine forests and rich savan...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Connie May Fowler has published 6 books.

Connie May Fowler does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly, was published in April 2010.

The first book by Connie May Fowler, Sugar Cage, was published in January 1992.

No. Connie May Fowler does not write books in series.