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    34 Books (1 Series)
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    August 1971
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    December 2006
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Full Series List in Order

Tweed & Co.

1 - Double Jeopardy (1982)
2 - Terminal (1984)
3 - Cover Story (1985)
4 - The Janus Man (May-1988)
5 - Deadlock (1988)
6 - The Greek Key (1989)
7 - Shockwave (1990)
8 - Whirlpool (1991)
9 - By Stealth ()
10 - Cross of Fire ()
11 - The Power ()
12 - Fury ()
13 - The Cauldron ()
14 - Precipe (Jul-1998)
15 - The Sisterhood ()
16 - This United State (Oct-2002)
17 - Sinister Tide ()
18 - Rhinoceros (Dec-2001)
19 - The Vorpal Blade (Jul-2002)
20 - The Cell (Nov-2002)
21 - No Mercy (Nov-2003)
22 - Blood Storm (Nov-2004)
23 - The Main Chance ()
24 - The Savage Gorge (Dec-2006)

Book List in Order: 34 titles

  • May 1940, the German panzer divisions roll across Northern France and all seems lost. Only the British Force stands between the enemy and the coast. Can one British tank which is coming up behind the German lines destroy a whole German tank divisi...

  • When an unknown source, obviously high-up in the Politburo of the Soviet Union, sends word that his cover is blown, American intelligence launches an all-out attempt to rescue the man known only by his code name, Angelo...

  • A British secret agent is found murdered on Lake Konstanz in Bavaria, with a neo-Nazi sign carved on his back. However, was it the Nazis, or was it the Russians attempting to discredit them? Caught between them, British agent Martel must discover ...

  • 'SUPERB... COLIN FORBES HAS NO EQUAL AT THIS SORT OF THING' SUNDAY MIRRORA terrible secret lurks within an exclusive Swiss Clinic...When news reporter Bob Newman gets a tip-off about a mysterious package smuggled across an eastern border, it's yet an...

  • An assassination attempt on the President of the Republic; rumours circulating of an impending coup d'etat and a dying man whispering a codename - "The Leopard". Prefect of the Paris police, Marc Grelle guesses there's a connection that could tear Fr...

  • 'SUPERB... COLIN FORBES HAS NO EQUAL AT THIS SORT OF THING' SUNDAY MIRRORA journalist is brutally murdered and a video of her killing is sent to London by Soviet Intelligence with a warning - tell other people to keep away from Procane...Intelligence...

  • The countdown to deadlock has begun.....

    It should have been a tranquil, if unwelcome holiday for Tweed. But six fresh graves in an isolated Norfolk churchyard mark the start of one of the deadlist manhunts ever undertaken.

    A hostile m...

  • Tweed, a spymaster in British Intelligence, must find out which of his four European sector chiefs is a traitor and, with the help of a journalist friend, designs an elaborate cat-and-mouse game to expose the double agent...

  • ` He will be assassinated - the general took the decision last night.`

    Murder - committed over forty years ago, is the detonator which triggers off Tweed, Paula Grey and Newman in their quest for The Greek Key.

    On Exmoor live three for...

  • `Brace yourself. I`m going to be accused of murder and rape. A beautiful young girl i`ve never seen before...`

    Target of a ruthless frame-up, Tweed is forced to flee into snow-bound europe. Paula Grey insists on accompanying him on his jour...

  • Tweed returns to face a desperate enemy in this follow-up to “ Shockwave” . Glasnost is being blown to pieces as Europe is engulfed in a wave of terror. But who is the new enemy? This book travels from England, Sweden and Finland, through to a...

  • "The downward gradient increased as he pressed his foot harder and prayed - prayed against two catastrophes ..." - April 1941 - the monastery on the heights of Zervos takes on a crucial new significance as the Germans prepare to invade Greece. A Scot...

  • Colin Forbes' perennially popular and energetic team of characters, Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman, are on the trail of five heads of state who are conspiring to cause massive civil unrest throughout the Western world. Dictatorship and martial law ...

  • A headless corpse has been discovered in the Thames just outside London, the body of a man who once worked for Tweed. Three thousand miles away, on the east coast of America, another headless body is found. Sensing instinctively that there must be a ...

  • Is Al-Qa'eda about to attack London? Who is the traitor in Britain, manipulating his opponents mercilessly? Time has run out. This Tweed does know. But what is the target? When and where will the attack be launched? Panic grips Whitehall and Tweed is...

  • Tweed - star detective turned spymaster - reluctantly agrees to make inquiries into a man called Michael Volkanian at the urging of his old friend, Superintendent Buchanan. Buchanan had found Michael on the steps in Whitehall, where he heard him utte...

  • Tweed and his dynamic team face one of their biggest challenges yet. Not even the most sophisticated security systems nor the most experienced counter-terrorist czars can stand up to a force that threatens the whole of Europe. Tweed rarely experience...

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    Paula Grey has her first inkling of danger when a boat vanishes in fog off Lymington, its sole occupant drifts ashore, dead. Then a British naval commander warns Tweed that vessels are disappearing. How are these and other factors related? By the aut...

    • / General Fiction
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    Paula Grey and Bob Newman discover a woman`s body floating on the Californian coast, her identity unknown. At the same time, a ship disappears into the fog. Sensing an impending catastrophe, Tweed hurtles across the globe, as a continent begins to...

    • / General Fiction
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    When an SIS agent investigating a paramilitary organization in Bordeaux is strangled it can only spell trouble for Tweed and Paula Grey. Tweed faces imminent catastrophe as one murder follows another, and savage riots break out in France, the mob ...

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    SHE FIRED ONCE...THE CYANIDE-TIPPED BULLET,,, Fury features Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman grappling their most devastating enemy. Their colleague, Philip Cardon, flees Britain to track down the man who murdered his wife, Jean. Racing from Chiches...

    • / General Fiction
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    It's a race against time as Major Petrie and explosive expert Johnson attempt the impossible - to blow up the strategically vital German troop-ship shuttling between Italy and Sicily. They make a pact with the mafia, but are troubled at every turn by...

    • / Suspense
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    In this thriller, Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman face the most professional enemy they have ever encountered. Subjected to overwhelming and murderous pressure, Tweed's desperate task is to identify this mysterious opponent before it is too late. A ...

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    • / General Fiction
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    The wave of the future confronts Tweed - carrying death for at least a hundred million people. With Paula Grey and Bob Newman, Tweed tracks the creator of the supreme weapon, Dr Goslar. Identity unknown - man or woman? The trail leads from the coast ...

    • / General Fiction
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    Paula Grey witnesses the murder of a key German statesman in Vienna. One by one, the elite players in a leaderless Europe are assassinated. Tension rises as Tweed, Paula and Bob Newman flee for their lives. The ultimate clash comes on the night the e...

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    The leader of the antiterrorist group, Telescope, and his female assistant penetrate the Stockholm Syndicate, an international conspiracy which uses public institutions in its quest for absolute power...

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    `... Urgent you penetrate icefield for possible rendezvous. Maximum risk must be accepted. Repeat. Must be accepted.`

    In the weird world where huge ice islands rotate round the North Pole, Soviet submarines still prowl beneath the icecap. To...

    • / General Fiction
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    'The whole of the West must suffer as we are suffering in Palestine . . . ' The extremists have taken over. Again the weapon is oil. Masterminding the plan to destroy Israel, Sheik Gamal Tafak has hired professional terrorists - including LeCat, the ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Colin Forbes has published 34 books.

Colin Forbes does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Savage Gorge, was published in December 2006.

The first book by Colin Forbes, Tramp in Armour, was published in August 1971.

Yes. Colin Forbes has 1 series.