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    10 Books
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    January 1985
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    August 2011
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  • "This book is too good to keep to yourself. Read it aloud with someone you love, then send it to a friend. But be sure to keep a copy for yourself, because you'll want to read it again and again."
    Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
    Raney is a small-town...

  • "An unpretentious, finely-crafted novel that will linger with the readers like the last strains of a favorite hymn. It is more enjoyable than a pitcher full of sweet tea and one of Mattie's home-cooked dinners."

  • The Copeland family of Listre, North Carolina, goes back a long way. Meredith Copeland''s father, Albert, keeps a sort of written family record in some notebooks he bought to log the flights of his home-built floatplane, a project Albert first ...

  • Listre, North Carolina, is jumping. The Sears twins, Ted and Ned (or is it Ned and Ted?), who run a Baptist college, have opened Nutrition House for overweight Christians. Meanwhile, their Project Promise is busy matching the educationally disadvanta...

  • "An American treasure...Edgerton s a mater of the old-fashioned American art of tale-spinning. His literary line goes back straight as an arrow to the likes of Sherwood Anderson and Mark Twain."


    Join the folk...

  • A tale of American expansionism, opportunism, religious fanaticism, and adventure pivots around the discover of ancient Native American cliff dwellings and the 1857 slaughter of pioneers by Mormons and Native Americans near Salt Lake City. Reprint....

  • 1. How would you characterize Stephen's relationship with each of his parents? With his church and his religion? 2. What prospects of stability are offered to the community by the church? Instability? 3. How is the church important to Jack Umstead? 4...

  • Welcome to the Rosehaven Convalescence Center in beautiful Listre, North Carolina. Recuperating after a recent fall, Lil Olive sits on the front porch, chitchatting with and rocking right alongside the regulars. There‚Äôs tiny Maudie Lowe with her ca...

  • Preston Clearwater has been a criminal since stealing two chain saws and 1600 pairs of aviator sunglasses from the Army during the Second World War. Back on the road in post-war North Carolina, a member of a car-theft ring, he picks up hitch-hiking H...

  • In 1963, at the age of 17, Dwayne Hallston discovers James Brown and wants to perform just like him. His band, the Amazing Rumblers, studies and rehearses Brown's Live at the Apollo album in the storage room of his father's shop in their small North ...

Award-Winning Books by Clyde Edgerton

Lunch at the Piccadilly
2004 Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize -- Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clyde Edgerton has published 10 books.

Clyde Edgerton does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Night Train, was published in August 2011.

The first book by Clyde Edgerton, Raney, was published in January 1985.

No. Clyde Edgerton does not write books in series.