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    January 1969
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    October 2012
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  • Image not available Add to Wishlist Browse Related Subjects Fiction > WesternsWestern storiesFiction in English To California Sam, con artist extraordinaire, making a pitch and pulling in the sucker's money is a very satisfying way of life. But sudde...

  • William Richter -- as rough and gritty as the landscape he inhabits -- tries to make a go of cattle ranching in Texas with three of his Civil War buddies. Richter and his friends work hard to succeed, but still find they have to turn to wealthy Henry...

  • "The Grabhorn Bounty" is about a reward offered by a railroad firm for a robber whose name isn't even known. The hero is a man named Shade, a railroad detective, who follows a cold trail in an attempt to find the faceless killer. When he and an old s...

  • Aaron Moonlight was surprised to see Vic Dodd caught up with a badbunch. He couldn't believe that a man, even Dodd, would hire gunhands, make a wagon trip to the Unassigned Lands, contaminate five thousand head of livestock, and have a man sh...

  • He trafficked in rum and women, this modern-day Al Capone. Clifton Adam's famous tale of bootlegging in Oklahoma, 20 years after Prohibition's repeal in 47 other states. Legendary to this day for its dark account of a man on the wrong side of the tra...

  • He came forward slowly, in that curious toe-heel gait that Indians have. With a big left hand, he grabbed Marta by the hair and jerked her half out of the chair. I hit him in the face and pulled Marta behind me. "Keep your damn hands off her if you w...

  • THE ROCK WAS about the size of a man's head. A beautiful rock, about twenty pounds of it, and somehow I had to get over to it. The minute I saw it I knew that rock was just the thing I needed. This is going to take some doing, I thought, but I have t...

  • She was waiting for him, he knew, if he would pay her price--murder.

    Clifton Adams, a best-selling writer of western novels, demonstrates his mastery of the hardboiled crime novel in this book, where a motel owner must decide whether he&#...

  • Was her love worth more than his life?

    A saga of the West--the desperate gamble of a handful of blue-clad troopers against a howling mob of bloodthirsty redmen....

  • Born in violence, bred in courage--his gun thrust the frontier west.

    Once he had belonged to the stark and brutal days, days of manhunts and sudden violence. Now Owen Toller had a farm and a family. Until the Brunner brothers came down fro...

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    As a deputy marshal of the U.S. District for Western Arkansas in the 1880s, Harry Cole was well qualified for the tough and demanding work he did. He took a passionate pride in the knowledge that he was better at his work than almost anybody else. Th...

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    As a railroad agent, Concannon's job was to stamp out the vermin who terrorized innocent passengers. He was as quick with his temper as he was with a gun, and that's why they sent him in to recover the $100,000 looted from a westbound train. As dange...

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    Any time Casey came near the Comanches he knew he could expect an arrow through the throat. Now he had a choice - turn back and be branded a coward, or go on and risk a Comanche death... The kill glitter in the Comanche's eyes became blank dismay, an...

Award-Winning Books by Clifton Adams

Last Days of Wolf Garnett
1970 SPUR Award -- Western Novel
Tragg's Choice
1969 SPUR Award -- Western Novel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clifton Adams has published 20 books.

Clifton Adams does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Law of the Trigger, was published in October 2012.

The first book by Clifton Adams, Tragg's Choice, was published in January 1969.

No. Clifton Adams does not write books in series.