• 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Miss Eugenia Liddiard was utterly charmed with her solution to the marriage muddle. Since she must find a husband in her first season (to wait longer would be to disoblige her guardians), she made the practical choice of Tom, her childhood country playmate and her best friend's brother. She and Tom would suit famously and live amicably ever after... But on her way to proposing to the unsuspecting intended, Eugenia was waylaid by the predicament of one Richard Liddiard, a newly discovered and darkly handsome cousin. Richard was earnestly sought by the Bow Street Runners for murder--a case of mistaken identity the enterprising Eugenia could not resist trying to put right. Soon she was one step ahead of the law--and one perilous step behind the real culprit. Bt the true danger lay in the bold, smoldering gazes the captivating Richard!
UK Edition

EUGENIA, fresh out of the schoolroom, but more than ready for her first London Season and determined to inveigle her cousin Tom into marriage so that she can live near her old home in Kent. Her plan hits only one snag. It is the dark, enigmatic person of Mr Richard Liddiard, wanted by the Runners for murder.

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