• 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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All society was scandalized by the shocking behavior of Miss Allegra Herington. It was common knowledge that her distant cousin, wealthy, handsome, impeccably groomed Sir Derek Herington, had offered this virtually impoverished young lady his much-sought-after hand in marriage -- and Allegra refused!

But still more unlikely events soon followed. Who but an obviously mad girl would desert the delights of Regency London for the dangers and intrigues of Brussels on the eve of Waterloo? Who but Allegra would shamefully neglect her own interest while arranging a most splendid match for her younger sister?

And who but the captivating Allegra would once again find herself in the arms of Sir Derek -- as pride warred with passion, and true love chose a most unlikely route to conquest....
UK Edition

At first Allegra Herington thought the offer of marriage from her distant cousin, Sir Derek, an attractive proposition. Besides his being her father's only heir, it would ensure security and happiness for her younger sister, Hilary, for both girls had been left homeless and practically penniless. But when she heard the runour that he was only proposing out of charity, she firmly refused him.

Taking Hilary, she swept off to take up a teaching post in Brussels despite the political disturbances on the Continent. Sir Derek, exasperated by her independence, still made certain that both firls entered the highest cirles of English society in the city. Soon they were surrounded by suitors, but on the eve of Waterloo the girls found themselves confronting unexpected danger and there was only one person they could turn to - Sir Derek...

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