The Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven



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She was determined to discover the truth...

"Don't go up there alone!"

Elizabeth Stevens knew she had been lucky to obtain a position with the wealthy Earl of Chesham at Stormhaven. She was awed by the magnificence of the manor house, and even more so by the master himself-the dark brooding Derek Vanderworth.

But it was his golden-haired daughter, Amy, who attracted Elizabeth's attention with her sad, sorrowful eyes. The little girl had not spoken since her mother's death a year ago, and Elizabeth was determined to befriend her and discover more about the tragic past...even if it meant braving the fierce resistance of the arrogant Earl.

Mysterious crying in the night and strange noises from the fourth floor had aroused Elizabeth's suspicions and her fear. There was a madness lurking in the shadows of Stormhaven, and Elizabeth wondered if the ghostly screams she heard might soon be her own.
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