Storm at Marshbay



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Isabella Brady is surprised to be invited to a party at the seaside mansion called Marshbay, home of the wealthy Fitzgerald family. She is even more surprised to learn that before her Father died; he won a wager with the patriarch of the Fitzgerald family, which promised one the Fitzgerald sons would marry Isabella.

Isabella is shocked and is not inclined to follow through with the wager. But when her mother dies, Isabella learns that her mother had sealed the deal by turning over their family home and land to Ian Fitzgerald.

Isabella finally agrees to the marriage but from the first day at Marshbay, there are mysteries and warnings that worry her. Including the rumor that Ian Fitzgerald had something to do with his first wife’s death. Yet despite that and her doubts about marrying a man she doesn’t know, she finds herself intrigued by Ian Fitzgerald. And against her will she begins to trust him and perhaps even to love him.

Is it the biggest mistake of her life? Perhaps even a fatal one? Or has she found the man she will love forever?
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