Lady of Seven Emeralds



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Left homeless and penniless by the Civil War, Rebecca Morrissey was grateful for the chance to start a new life as a teacher at the famed School for the Blind in St. Augustine, Florida. Patient, talented, and armed with a knowledge of Braille, Rebecca was soon given a challenging assignment: to pass through the great iron gates of a nearby Moorish Castle and tutor the lord of the manor. When she met brooding, handsome Ramon Menendez de Aviles, Rebecca recognized the man she'd seen on one of her walks along the windswept beach, staring blindly out to sea.

Haunted by the hideous scandals of his dark past, Ramon could see into Rebecca's heart, even into her very soul...but he could neither see nor prevent the perils that now claimed her: the face at her window; the cup of poisoned wine; the shadowed looks that passed between the members of his family and his staff. But Rebecca knew she was in grave danger, and as the wind howled and the high tide thundered against the castle's beleaguered walls, her terror mounted...for surely she was doomed!
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