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    9 Books (2 Series)
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    July 1998
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    April 2007
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Full Series List in Order

The Coxwells

1 - Third Time Lucky (Nov-2000)
1 - One More Time (Nov-2006)
2 - Double Trouble (Nov-2001)
2 - All or Nothing (Apr-2007)

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1 - Third Time Lucky (Nov-2000)
2 - Double Trouble (Nov-2001)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • For over a thousand years -- so legend has it -- the brambles have grown wild over the ruins of Dunhelm Castle. Many believed that the thorns were a sign that the castle was cursed, so no one dared to trespass, and the secrets that they protected and...

  • Scotland, 1314. After the Scots reclaim Edinburgh Castle, Alasdair MacAuley only wants to celebrate. But the revels are interrupted by an old crone who claims the castle's true owner is the legendary witch Morgaine le Fee. Dared by his fellow warrior...

  • In Claire Cross's "A Berry Merry Christmas," a mysterious nanny has a special message to deliver to a young orphan and her uncle who long to feel the joy of Christmas in their hearts once again......

  • Italy, August 1420. A gypsy named Lilith sees her lover hanged for a crime he didn't commit. On the gallows, he swears to return to her. Convinced that one day he'll be reborn, she searches for a fabled elixir -- rumored to grant immortality....

  • North England, 1390. Falsely accused of witchcraft, ever-optimistic Viviane is sure the truth will set her free. But when her execution is imminent, only a wish on an unusual moonstone pendant bequeathed by her father offers any solace. Thinking it h...

  • THE FIRST TIME I MET HIM HE CHANGED MY LIFE... How did I get over my crush on Nick? Cold turkey. Okay, I had no choice. He kept disappearing on me. So what did he have to offer anyway? Mystery? Adventure? A sexy grin and killer sense of humor? I hav...

  • TWO SISTERS...ONE DISASTER What did James Coxwell ever see in my twin sister, Marcia (I mean, besides her sparkling good looks)? I know what she saw in him--money, prestige, and more money... Well, she's stolen the boy's rose-colored glasses th...

  • Mild-mannered Matt Coxwell has finally decided that his long-abandoned dreams are worth fighting for. In fact, it's only after he's left his marriage that he realizes he hasn't fought this hard for anything since he fell like a ton of bricks for his ...

  • Jen Maitland never had any use for handsome guys with easy charm until she met Zach. He's the perfect fake date to end her mother's matchmaking scheme before it starts. The only problem is that Zach isn't as predictable as he appears... Zach Coxw...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Claire Cross has published 9 books.

Claire Cross does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, All or Nothing, was published in April 2007.

The first book by Claire Cross, Once upon a Kiss, was published in July 1998.

Yes. Claire Cross has 2 series.