But Seriously Folks, The Comedy Of C.J. Henderson



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Welcome to the big, fat wonderful world of C.J. Henderson comedy! The entire world knows about Conan the Barbarian. We've all heard of Red Sonja. Indeed, their creator Robert E. Howard will go down in history as the creator of some of the greatest epic sword & sorcery characters of all time. But, did you know this hardboiled fantasy writer also penned numerous comedies about fellows like Steve Costigan, the 3-Stoogesque sailor who brawled his way from port to port? Or Brenkenridge Elkins, the cowboy who was half Pecos Bill, half Paul Bunyan and all fun? Nearly all the world' hardboiled wordsmiths love to indulge themselves with the occasional comedy and C.J. Henderson is no different. Join us now for a Henderson like you've never read before--one whose worlds are filled with thinking canines and alien tour guides, union ghosts and conniving jesters, tentacled torch singers and the world's greatest dumplings, with everything from dinosaurs on the loose to the quest for the ultimate beer. It's a book with time travel, food with bones in it, bilious clouds of monkey steam, and more laughs and giggles and down-right knee slapping hilarity than anyone would have ever expected from the creator of Jack Hagee and Teddy London.
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