Book List in Order: 25 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Destiny Clark Saga

1) A Braver Version of Me (Jan-2019)
2) A Better Version of Me (Mar-2019)
3) A Bolder Version of Me (Jul-2019)
4) A Smarter Version of Me (Aug-2019)
5) A Stronger Version of Me (Sep-2019)
6) A Steadier Version of Me (Oct-2019)
6.5) Olivia and the Troublemaker (Nov-2019)
7) A Healthier Version of Me (Jan-2020)
8) A Happier Version of Me (Feb-2020)
9) A Higher Version Of Me (Mar-2020)

The Destiny Trilogy

1) Destiny (Nov-2013)
2) Synchrony (Apr-2014)
3) Harmony (Dec-2019)

Maple Creek Sweet Romance

1) Her Senator's Second Chance (Aug-2020)
2) Her Rock Star's Dark Secret (Sep-2020)
3) Her Movie Star's Secret Plan (Dec-2020)
4) Oops, I Kissed Him Again (Dec-2020)
5) Kiss Me, Baby, One More Time (Jan-2021)
6) Her Athlete's Wedding Secret (Jan-2021)
7) Her Billionaire's Baby Secret (Oct-2021)
8) Kiss Me Under the Christmas Lights (Oct-2021)