Dying to Score



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Discover heart-racing intrigue in this Thriller Short of romantic suspense.

Originally published in LOVE IS MURDER (2013),

Edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown.

In this Thriller Short, New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard takes readers on a life-or-death Black Ops, Inc. mission to Central America. Former marine Johnny Duane Reed fell hard for Crystal. Marrying her was the smartest thing he ever did. Bringing her along on a mission to take down members of a drug cartel in Guatemala, the dumbest. Now his life is slipping away through an AK47 wound in his shoulder. “If you die on me, so help me, I'll make you sorry you were ever born,” Crystal tells him. He outweighs her by a hundred pounds, but she's hauling him toward the river where a boat waits to take them both to safety. Bullets are not going to make her leave him, no matter how much he begs her to. She'll give her own life to save Johnny. But will that be enough?
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