Holiday Royale



  • Contemporary


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A playboy prince is roped into giving love lessons to a young, innocent woman -- only to find himself falling for his eager pupil, in USA TODAY bestselling author Christine Rimmer's newest addition to her Bravo Royales miniseries….

Up till now, Lucy Cordell has led a pretty sheltered life -- but she's ready to burst out of her shell. Still, she has absolutely zero experience with men -- so she needs help. Someone to help her shed the cloak that seems to scream "Virgin!" every time she gets within five miles of an eligible guy. Who better than the dashing Player Prince, Damien of Montedoro? He's always come to her rescue before….

True -- but Dami only agrees to school Lucy in the fine art of seduction because he's afraid of who she'll ask if he says no! Besides, she needs protection from all the wolves out there. Still, when it comes to Lucy's sweet lit-from-within beauty, Damien has to wonder…who is going to protect him?

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