Spectral Bond

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On the far reaches of the Eurus colony, the extraordinary is happening. Moira is seeing ghosts. The spirit appears silent and alone. When she finally sees the face of her ghost, Moira knows her world is spiraling into madness. Because it can't be her friend Connor -- since he's still very much alive.

But Connor has been acting strange. By day, he's growing more distant, dismissive, not the charismatic man he normally is. By night, his spirit ignites Moira's body as they come together in passionate embraces they've never shared before. Confused, Moira questions if their growing bond is real, or if she's slowly losing her mind.

While the outpost is under attack, Moira must find a way to reunite Connor's body and spirit to stop the invasion, or risk his soul forever.
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Romance ebooks from eBooks.com