The Reckoning



  • Contemporary


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"Emmett, danger is the way you live your life. But that's not my life."
-- Linda Faraday, survivor

After ten stolen years in a coma, hanging on to life by strands of uncertainty, Linda Faraday is finally awake. All she knows is she used to be an undercover operative looking into the shady dealings of embezzler Cameron Fortune. And today... A survivor? A mother to a ten-year-old son? Now that Ryan Fortune is gone, FBI agent Emmett Jamison is stepping in to help her -- although he hardly seems thrilled at the prospect.

An empty house and growing attraction erodes Linda and Emmett's self-control. But Linda isn't sure Emmett fits into her plans: a simple life with a simple man. Spending days chasing after his murderously insane brother hardly qualifies. But maybe Linda was never meant to take the safe road. Maybe it's time for a final reckoning for all....
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