Comanche Caress



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Frantic that she hadn't heard from her daddy in months, impetuous Ciara Davenport lit out of Dallas determined to track him down. But after her train was held up, her money stolen and her luggage lost, the hot-headed beauty wondered if anything worse could possibly happen. Then, in the Rockies, a powerful, fierce savage rescued her from a band of ruffians and Ciara realized that the very worst had come to pass: she was desperately in love with a wild, handsome half-breed she could never hope to tame!

Though he'd sworn off love and marriage, hard-muscled Joshua Cain couldn't deny the petite innocent's appeal. Her slender, lithe form enticed him with each movement; her chestnut-gold hair demanded to be touched. Joshua had convinced himself for years that he'd never be hurt by a woman again. But even before they spoke the virile male knew he'd be helpless before her feminine charms. He'd hate himself by morning, but for just one night he'd have to embrace her with primitive passion and conquer her with his COMANCHE CARESS
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