Angel Interrupted



  • Contemporary


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He was once a second-rate cop, a mediocre husband, and an absent father. But ever since he was killed in a drug bust gone bad, Kevin Fahey's been a lost-soul in limbo, searching for a way out of his solitude and hoping for redemption. Now he'll have to prove to be a better ghost than he ever was a man...

Being a spook is not where I wanted to be. But it's what I am. To move on, I'm going to have to redeem myself in more ways than one. First and foremost, I have to let go of the feelings that anchored me down in life, so that I can do some good in death. And first up is the detective who replaced me -- Maggie Gunn. I think I can help her...

A nurse has been murdered in her home. Across the street, a young boy has been abducted from a park. I'm not sure if they're connected, but both Maggie and I are on the case. See, I can go places she can't, and I know things she doesn't know. For the culprit is consumed by darkness -- and I'm the only one who can drag the monster into the light...
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