Jessie's Jewels



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Lady Jessamy Cumberland values her independence, and she won't give it up for anybody. Well, she might be persuaded to compromise for some steamy sex, especially if the sex involves her scrumptious butler and dashing neighbor, the duke...but it won't be forever. Will it? Jessamy can't ignore her feelings for either man, and she goes willingly down the garden path that leads to a BDSM fantasy with all the trimmings. Liam Douglas has worked as a butler for Lady Jessamy for years, and he's tired of ignoring his feelings for her. It's complicated, though, because he's also tired of hiding his feelings for the duke. His Grace, Duke Gabriel Hartley, is a self-confessed pervert. A Dom by nature, the duke wants Jessamy and Liam in his bed, and he's willing to do what it takes to get them there. Will lust be enough when a mysterious threat arises?
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