Next Year in Havana



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A young woman travels to Havana to honor her late grandmother's wishes--and discovers her family's greatest secret, hidden since the Cuban revolution. A mesmerizing novel about two generations of Cuban-American women.

In 2017, freelance writer Marisol Ferrera travels to Cuba to honor her late grandmother's wishes to return her ashes to her homeland. There Marisol recovers an unexpected piece of her family's history--a box buried in the backyard of her family's former mansion in Havana. Hidden for decades, it unearths her grandmother's greatest secret.

In 1958, Elisa Perez, the daughter of one of the wealthiest sugar barons in Cuba, meets a young lawyer at a party in Havana. Their attraction is instant, their chemistry undeniable, but they're caught on opposite sides of a growing political movement. Unable to deny their love, they begin a clandestine affair while all around them Cuba's fractures cut deeper and deeper, violence spilling throughout the country.

Now, as Marisol grapples with her own Cuban identity, she must navigate a perilous political climate and a growing attraction to a man with secrets of his own. And as more family history comes to light, the past threatens to collide with the present, and Marisol will discover the true meaning of courage.
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