The Rancher Needs a Wife



  • Contemporary

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Joanna had found that being the daughter of a world-famous celebrity can bring its problems; and when things got too much for her she decided to get away for a while. So she took a job as summer help on a Canadian ranch, without letting anyone, even her fiance, know where she was.

She was rather disconcerted to find herself the only woman on a primitive ranch, miles from anywhere, with one overbearing rancher, the three obstreperous children he had taken into his care, twenty cow-hands, and several thousand cattle. If anyone ever needed a wife, she thought, it was Rafe Holford - though she pitied any girl who might try to cope with such a man!

All the same, when a young woman appeared on the scene who was clearly ideal for the position, Joanna found that it was not pity, but a much more surprising feeling that was aroused in her!
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