Twisted Souls



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The epic collision of good and evil that began in The Soul Garden (Twisted Souls #1) continues in this next installment of the Twisted Soul series... The four survivors of Soul Implantation Day 3675 have gone into hiding as the rest of the Territory of Malm is ravaged by an old foe hell-bent on total domination. As the focus settles on the last untouched outpost of humanity, Samuel, the new Head Master of the nearly annihilated Office of Souls knows that something must be done in order to bring the human race back from the brink of total extinction. Samuel's secret weapon is Cameron, the last recipient of a soul from the Fountain of Souls before it was destroyed. Cameron's destiny is setting her on a path to face down the ultimate evil and hopefully save them all. Time is against them as the survivors discover that nowhere is safe from their enemy's reach, and they must rejoin the outside world and fight before it is too late.
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