Stolen Love



  • Contemporary


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Lost And Found

Bryan Reeves is part Anglo, part Mexican--and all man. He's tough enough to run a ranch and tender enough to raise his adopted daughter by himself...and he doesn't need a woman around the place. Fortunately, photographer Lizette Ramirez won't be staying long. All she wants--or so she says--is to experience life on a working Texas ranch and take a few pictures for a magazine article. No problem, even if she is distractingly beautiful. Lush curves, lovely face, and those dark eyes...he could fall in love with Lizette in a heartbeat.

Lizette can't believe her luck. She's found the little girl she's been searching for at last. But it's clear that Bryan Reeves is devoted to his daughter--and he has no way of knowing that the baby his ex-wife brought home eight years ago was never really theirs to keep. How can Lizette tell Bryan the truth?
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