L.A. Woman



  • Contemporary


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Ever moved to a city you didn't know, for a guy who wasn't worth it...all because you thought you were in love?

Sarah Walker has.

She's just moved to L.A. and changed her whole life in anticipation of cohabitation with her fiance, Benjamin. But he stalls, again. Pushed to the limit, the stability-seeking Sarah snaps and actually finds herself dumping him. Now she's in free fall: no fiance, no job. No idea what to do next.

According to her new roommate Martika, Sarah is now in the perfect place to start life in L.A.

Before she knows it, Sarah becomes Martika's project, getting pulled headlong into a crazy, chaotic world of nightclubs and day jobs, where the only constant is change. Sarah's about to discover that "single" isn't a dirty word. Not that she'll be staying single for long....
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