Born to Be One



  • Contemporary


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This is true love, not just words...

BETHANY JORDON -- Bethany, a twenty-five year old playwright, has her first break in Los Angeles. Her play about the Apostle John will be a TV drama, starring well-known actor Aaron Steele. Bethany is immediately attracted to him. But more important to her than winning his love is showing him the true meaning of the words he will speak from her play.

AARON STEELE -- Aaron had been criticized for being arrogant and egotistical in his personal life. Can he play the earnest and devoted John, "the disciple who Jesus loved?"

VIVIAN GORDON -- The stunning actress, with a shaky reputation, takes the part of Martha the sister of Lazarus. A neighbor to Aaron, Vivian pierces Bethany's heart with jealousy.

Agape, John shows the transformation of the character John. Through his love for Jesus, God gently and patiently taught and guided him. Now Bethany prays the same will happen in the lives of the cast of the play, a loving tribute to her conviction that God in is charge!
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