Cate Dermody

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    Romantic Suspense


    The Strongbox Chronicles - 3
    Silhouette Bombshell - 119

    All former spy Alisha MacAleer wanted was to lead a normal life, complete with settling down near her family. Then a hail of gunfire followed CIA agent Brandon Parker's arrival on her doorstep. He'd done the impossible: created an AI, a sentient b...

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    Romantic Suspense


    The Strongbox Chronicles - 2
    Silhouette Bombshell - 95

    IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SIMPLE. GET IN, GET THE GOODS, GET OUT. YET WHAT SHOULD BE SIMPLE ALMOST NEVER WAS ... Once more Alisha MacAleer was racing around Europe, this time searching for the black box from a downed aircraft. Yet for the first time as a ...

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    Romantic Suspense


    The Strongbox Chronicles - 1
    Silhouette Bombshell - 71

    SOMETIMES A SPY HAS TO MAKE A TOUGH CHOICE. OR THREE. Somewhere in Italy, a powerful and secretive organization was creating an army of weaponized robots. The goal? To "persuade" the world that their vision of the future was the right one. And age...

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