Suspect Next Door



  • Contemporary


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Blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, 16-year-old Nikki Masters has looks that can kill -- and now the police want her for murder

Nancy's summer vacation is going just fine -- she can hang out and spend time with Ned. All that changes when Vanities, a teen boutique at the mall, is hit by a series of high-priced thefts. Nancy is convinced that it's an inside job, and she turns up the heat to smoke out the thief.

During Nancy's investigation, her next-door neighbor Nikki Masters lands in some hot water of her own. Her boyfriend, Dan Taylor, has turned up dead, and the police name Nikki as the prime suspect. But Nancy can't shake the suspicion that there's a hidden connection between the boutique thief and Dan Taylor, the thief of hearts. Nikki may have fallen for the wrong guy at the wrong time, but Nancy knows one thing for sure: Nikki Masters is not the kind of girl to be mixed up in murder.
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