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    4 Books
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    May 2002
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    October 2019
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Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • Bailey Tarbell is in a pickle. A tornado swooped down and sucked all the animals on her farm up into the air. When it finally spat them out again, they were all mixed up. The cow now clucks and tries to sit on eggs, the cat chases the dog who hisses ...

  • Tune into The Snow Show to see Chef Kelvin and his trusty sous-chefs, Snow White and Jack Frost, investigate evaporation, condensation, and precipitation -- all while cooking up the lightest, fluffiest batch of snow ever to fall from the sky.    ...

  • One day at her dad’s house, a young girl finds two old potatoes in the cupboard. “Gross.” But before she can throw them away, her dad suggests they try to grow new potatoes from the old ones, which have sprouted eyes. Told from May to September...

  • Join Ellie, a skin cell who lives on the derrière of a Boston Terrier, as she tells readers all about the amazing cells that make up every living thing on Earth.Did you know that every human is the proud owner of 37 trillion cells? (Give or take a f...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Carolyn Fisher has published 4 books.

Carolyn Fisher does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Cells, was published in October 2019.

The first book by Carolyn Fisher, A Twisted Tale, was published in May 2002.

No. Carolyn Fisher does not write books in series.