Wild Southern Rose



  • Antebellum South


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Anna Rose St. Cyr was more woman than most men could handle. The tempestuous southern belle had a mind of her own but it didn't take her long to realize she'd met her match in handsome Morgan York. Anna had hired the mysterious wanderer to oversee her Louisiana plantation; now all she wanted was to feel the warm strength of his embrace, taste the hot passion in his kiss, savor the sweet sensation of his lean, hard body melting into her smooth flesh.

Morgan York was a man no woman could tame. Love didn't came easily to his scarred heart, but the fierce pride in Anna's emerald eyes and the wild rebellion in her soul awakened emotions he'd thought were lost forever. He was obsessed by her dark loveliness, entranced by her wanton response to his searing touch. Though his past could well destroy their future, Morgan vowed to have her, to hear her cry out his name in a voice soft with ecstasy, to caress every silken petal of his WILD SOUTHERN ROSE
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