License to Koi



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invite you to dine in. There's murder on the menu...

Main Course: Sixteen short stories
Side Dishes: Sixteen all -- new recipes and author interviews

Sink your teeth into these delicacies from today's masters of mystery -- sixteen slices of life and death, peppered with peril, seasoned with suspense, and marinated with malice.

New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry introduces her newest sleuth, Justice Thelonius Quade, in Sing a Song of Sixpence" -- in which a horrible host gets his just desserts during Christmas dinner. Midnight Louie smells something fishy at an all -- you -- can -- eat fugu dinner in Carole Nelson Douglas's License to Koi." A tea party ends early for antique dealers Clive Swain and his ex -- wife Lara McClintoch in "Stark Terror at Tea -- Time" by Lyn Hamilton. These and other tales are sure to satisfy your craving for crime fiction -- so pull up a chair and get ready for sixteen courses of mystery s very best...served with recipes on the side.

Also featured: Don Bruns Meg Chittenden Nick DiChario Marcos Donnelly Elizabeth Foxwell Parnell Hall Jeremiah Healy Dean lames Mary Jane Maffini William Moody
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