Sheik's Glory



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Hoping to maintain ownership of her horse ranch, no-nonsense beauty Missy Cannon enters a battle of wills with Flynn Muldaur, who has won half the ranch in a gambling bet and seeks to obtain the rest.

Wild at Heart

Missy Cannon was a woman who didn't have time for fancy dresses or sweet talk. The no-nonsense horse trainer was looking for a brood mare, and she was bound and determined to get the best money could buy. Then a run-in with a riled filly left the untouched hellion as skittish as the animal itself - especially after a charming rogue rescued her and stirred a longing she couldn't deny.

But Flynn Muldaur wasn't after Missy's heart: He wanted her South Dakota ranch. Gambling had won him half the spread, and she feared he would use any conniving trick or seductive strategy to get the rest. Yet the harder Missy fought Flynn, the more she realized she wanted him, needed him, and would risk all she possessed to have him.
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