Book List in Order: 8 titles

  • In the second book of the Shadows Trilogy “Shadows of Life” Kareena & Ryan confront their foe and discover that she has been living a lie. They fly to the enchanted Ireland where Kareena meets her daughter for the first time. She feels Ryan's fat...

  • As December 21st nears, and the Mayan calendar rolls closer to an end, the Society ups the anti on their quest for a One World Government. Kareena has no Idea that her life will be plunged head first into a powerful journey of Love, Loss, and Regret,...

  • In book III of the Shadows trilogy “Shadows of Reality”; Kareena is forced to endure an even more heartbreaking loss than her earlier suffering. She is dieing a slow death over her failure to stop a tragedy that she felt coming. A decision she is...

  • You met Cool Willy and his friends in “Cool Willy and Friends” a book of children’s poems. Now join Willy for more fun and adventures. Find out how Willy got his Magic Hat in this 48 page Children’s story of Family and Friends. Watch as Willy...

  • This is a captivating quick moving romance suspense novel with a touch of paranormal that is woven into the story in a very believable way. You’ll find it different than most romance novels you’ve read with a surprising plot twist. It is definite...

Complete Series List in Order

The Adventures of Cool Willy Green

1) Cool Willy Green and Friends (Nov-2011)
2) How Willy Got His Hat (May-2012)


1) Humorlost (Oct-2011)
2) I Do Believe (Sep-2012)
3) What Lies In Wait (Sep-2012)


1) Shadows of Love (May-2013)
2) Shadows of Life (May-2013)
3) Shadows of Reality (May-2013)