A Wedding For Jenny



  • Contemporary


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San Francisco where the hills are steep, the streets are narrow, the men are smart and the women are beautiful and smart too.

Jenny Parker was once married to the man of her dreams until she caught him cheating on her. On her own, she bought a three-flat Victorian house in San Francisco and vowed never to be taken in again by a millionaire with good looks. Never get married again. Never get hurt again. That was then. This is now. Navy Seal Sam Harrison has just inherited a fortune from his uncle. He rents an apartment from Jenny while he donates his time to Habitat for Humanity building houses for the homeless. Just what his uncle would have approved of. His uncle also approved of marriage. So there's a catch to his inheritance. He must be married to accept the money. Sam has six weeks to find a wife or the money goes to Pets In Need. He loves Jenny, but Jenny won't marry again, not him or anybody. As the saying goes - Once bitten, twice shy.
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