Mabel Beecher: Future Teacher


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Mabel Beecher loves Kindergarten. And she loves her teacher, Mrs. Ampersand, because she's funny and smart and makes the class work hard, but brings Popsicles every Friday if everyone really tries.

But then Mrs. Ampersand announces that she's leaving for the rest of the year because she's going to be having a baby.

Mabel is not happy. Especially because her new teacher, Mrs. Windbag, is so boring. And she doesn't bring the right snacks. And she's not very good at reading out loud.

So Mabel thinks about what Mrs. Ampersand would do. And she starts leading the class.

There's a lot to learn in Kindergarten, even for Mrs. Windbag.

And by the end of the year, Mabel is certain she's going to be a great future teacher!

Cari Best's delightful new picture book introduces a clever, determined new heroine, and celebrates the power of learning, however old you are.
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