The Whispers by Candy L. Drischel
Sleep...deep sleep, was all Joelle had known for nearly a century until a meteor shower awoke her from this slumber. Now half-elf, half-tree creature, she must find a way to take back her life. On the other side of the realm, elders and their Seeker traveled into the primeval forest, seeking wisdom within the heart of the ancient Tree of Life. Once inside, they found a sacred book written in a language long-forgotten by time. It spoke of the same evil walking the earth when their beloved Creator came forth to bestow a magnificent bow and arrows to their leader. This leader fearing they might fall into an unrighteous hand scattered them throughout the land. With no time to waste the king sent his chosen ones on a quest to recover the magical bow and arrows before Joelle could destroy the Land of the Fairies. Full Synopsis
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