The Marriage Wager ~~ Candace Camp

The Marriage Wager by Candace Camp
In a world where love was always a gamble, they meant to beat the odds

No longer in the first blush of youth and without a marriage portion, Miss Constance Woodley could scarcely imagine why one of the leading lights of London society should take an interest in the likes of her. But under her benefactor's guiding hand she was transformed into a captivating creature who caught the eye of the handsome, charming and ever-so-slightly notorious Lord Dominic Leighton. And before the shocked eyes of the entire Ton, the "nobody" and the rakish viscount showed that even in the heartless world of the marriage mart, when love was at stake, all bets were off . . .
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  • 19th Century
  • Regency
  • England


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By the time I finished the last page, my lips were smiling. I love the heroine's character and personality; at first she sounded weak, but almost immediately by her words u knew she was actually strong-minded. I was soo happy when she was helped in order to have her own season, cuz I felt like strangling her family who were good for nothings with malicious minds. The beginning kind of threw me off tho becuz it didn't immediately start with the heroine, I had to close the book and look at the back cover to make sure. But when I realized where it was going, I loved it. I was so happy for her that she got everything she wanted, including two great friends that she made by the end of the novel (I really want to know how her friends fall in love becuz each of them have their own distinctive personalities that make me curious to how their lives will turn out). I was a little skeptical on how the romance between the two main characters would turn out, but by their first meeting they dashed away all uncertainties, I knew this would be a good book filled with sweet love and passion. I never thought the girl would be the one without restraint in this book from my early assessment of her, but I was wrong.
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