Every Which Way



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I made a pact with my best friend that when we went to college neither one of us would fall in love. We were going to enjoy ourselves and this new adventure. She didn’t keep her side of the pact, but I was determined to.

Then I met Macsen Sloan.

He was quiet and kept to himself. He was nothing like his cocky, basketball star brother, Thayer.


Severine Blake was like every beautiful girl — she crooked her finger, expecting every guy within a mile to come crawling. Not only that, but she was sarcastic, opinionated and sometimes a complete bitch.

We were polar opposites. I knew that, she knew that. But what gave me a second glance at her was that my brother was watching from afar.

He wanted this girl.

Yet she wanted me first.


I saw her first.
She was at a party, dancing with some guy, completely oblivious that I was staring.

I knew nothing about her, yet I wanted to because I could see that her snark was just a front. She was hiding her true self.

I just never anticipated her falling for my brother.
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