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Thor, Aphrodite, Hermes, Morrigan; just a few of the names that have lived century after century as myth and legend. Everybody knows they were all just characters in some ancient stories, though, and not real people.

That's what Erin and Israel thought, too, before waking up in a modern day dungeon and discovering that the truth is more bizarre than they could have imagined. They learn that many of those characters were real and that other people have awakened to power throughout history.

People like them.

As an apocalyptic cult works to enact a ritual that could have cataclysmic effects, Erin and Israel must decide if they will use their new lives to face the rising threat or stand back and let humanity fend for itself.

Awakened is book one of The Paragons Trilogy, a gripping story filled with mystery, fast-paced action, and horrific threats. If you enjoy an action thriller with a heavy dose of the fantastic then you'll love C.Steven Manley's Paragons Trilogy.

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